Private Location (8/22/14): Is Jim a “dumb ass”?

There are some rude and outspoken spirits at this location! My group was in the Office and we’d heard a possible EVP that called Jim a “dumb ass.” On a previous visit, someone/something had called Jim a “dumb ass” and now he was getting called it again. In a quick EVP session, we went around in a circle and everyone asked if the spirits thought s/he was a “dumb ass.”

In this clip, you’ll hear Jim say, “Let’s try it again. Am I a dumb ass?”

At the 9 second mark, you’ll hear what sounds like a response. The end of the response overlaps with Pam asking if the spirits think she’s a “dumb ass.” Can you make out the response?

I have to note that, during this session, there was a concert happening a few blocks away and we could hear it inside the house. It’s possible that this possible EVP is actually coming from the concert–but I highly doubt it. Last time I checked, “dumb ass” was not something you said in a public, family-friendly venue like an outside concert held in a downtown area.

And, based on the background sounds in the recording, it doesn’t sound like there was at that moment any sounds or noise coming from the concert.

So let this be a warning: Be careful what you ask the spirits!

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