Private Location (8/22/14): Whiskey or Scotch?

I’d brought some alcohol in little, unopened bottles to this location to use as trigger objects and left them in the Home Office, which seemed to be a room that was used and enjoyed by the men of the house.

In this clip, you’ll hear me say, “My name is Ann. Do you want me to leave the whiskey or scotch behind [when I leave]?”

You’ll hear the outdoor concert in the background.

This is a 2nd generation clip from my Olympus DVR. As we’re listening to the replay in the Office, you’ll hear Mike say, “I don’t know if [that sound he hears] is outside….” You’ll hear a possible response just before I say, “Yeah, it’s hard to tell.” That response didn’t come from any of the humans who were in the Office.

For comparison purposes, here is what my Zoom recorder picked up during this same moment.

In the clip from the Zoom, you don’t hear the strong male voice say “mine.” At the 8 second mark, you’ll hear voices that are coming from outside the house as people walk by but won’t be able to make out what they’re saying. At 9 seconds, you’ll hear a deep, male voice say something. Pam then tags these sounds as talking outside.

Is the voice at 9 seconds on the Zoom clip the same one you hear in the Olympus clip?

I don’t think so.

The deep, male voice in the Olympus clip is very loud and doesn’t sound like the fainter deep, male voice you hear at 9 seconds in the Zoom clip. In the Zoom clip, while you can hear the deep, male voice, you can’t make out what exactly is being said. It is very clear what’s being said in the Olympus clip.

What do you think? Did my Olympus pick up a spirit voice making a strong statement or is it a distortion of a stray male human voice coming from someone walking outside the house?

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