Month: September 2014

Private Location (9/5/14): A Female Presence in the Main Hallway

I definitely felt the presence of at least one woman in the main hallway at all times during this investigation. The apparition of a woman has been seen in the same hallway. I'd left my second Olympus 2 ("Oly 2") out in the main hallway to record any sounds that might happen around some trigger objects I'd placed on a table. Oly 2 recorded during the entire investigation. I thought the cigars and alcohol would help attract some spirit energy. All of these clips come from Oly 2. What I caught Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Tick, Tock

This is an interesting clip from the Olympus 2 DVR that I'd left recording in the main hallway. At this point in the night, the entire group was on the lower level investigating. You can hear someone laugh at the beginning of the clip. Then, at 2 seconds, I hear someone/something say what sounds like, "Tick, tock, time to entertain." Which, given the history of this location, is very appropriate as many parties were held at the house. In fact, a previous owner used the house exclusively Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Assorted House Noises

All of these clips were recorded on the Olympus 2 DVR that I'd placed in the main hallway near some trigger objects. Clip 1: A sudden whistle out of nowhere. There wasn't anyone in the main hallway at the time. Clip 2: A series of loud thumps. Again, no one was in the hallway, as everyone was off investigating the 2 wings of the house. Clip 3: This is a long recording of many different noises heard in the main hallway. The 2 groups were off investigating the 2 wings of the Read more [...]

Private Location (9/5/14): Miscellaneous Audio Clips from This Location

This wound up being a great investigation and I'm really pleased with all the audio evidence I caught. The spirits were definitely present and active. They seemed to enjoy interacting with my group or at least enjoy swearing at us/me. The house has a long history of people who've lived in it, so there's a lot to tell the living. I'll end this investigation wrap up with these clips. Clip 1: This is interesting, given that the house is supposedly haunted. You'll hear Catherine ask, "Can Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): Olympus 1 Recordings in Room 210

This is the last room we investigated on Thursday night at the Reno casino/hotel. Laura J had investigated the same room last year and reported a lot of activity that night. On this night, Room 210 seemed pretty quiet. Of the 3 rooms we investigated that night, 210 was the most quiet. Here are some of the possible EVPs I caught on my recorders while in this room. These are all 2nd generation recordings made from the original recording on Laura J's DVR. Clip 1: You'll hear me introduce Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): What the Olympus 1 Recorded in Room 180

These are all 1st generation recordings from the Olympus 1 DVR. Clip 1: You'll hear me say, "OK, tell me if you want me to take the toys [used as trigger objects] out." You'll clearly hear a voice over mine that says "Hi." Marcy then says, "Break, much, stairs." She's telling us what the Ovilus app had just said. Right after her, I can hear something say "Here" before Laura J speaks. Clip 2: Marcy says, "I can hear a man answering these questions. Are you in here by yourself or are Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): The Olympus 1 in Room 180

These are all 2nd generation recordings, taken from Laura J's recording. This is the second room we investigated and, based on my clips, the most active of the 3 rooms. Clip 1: In this clip, you'll hear me ask what was the name of the hotel that used to be on the property. At 4 seconds, I can faintly hear "Innsbrook." I did some quick research and found out that there is an Innsbrook Court (street) in Reno and an Innsbrook Village Apartments in Sparks, so clearly there is some connection between Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): More Zoom Clips from Room 180

These are all 1st generation recordings from the Zoom in Room 180. Clip 1: You'll hear me say, "OK, we have 3 video cameras so feel free to be a shadow or..." followed by a male voice. Can you make out what's being said? Sounds like a defiant spirit. My kind of spirit! Clip 2: You'll hear me introduce myself and then say, "I'm going to order a pizza. What do you want on it?" Can you hear what the spirits want on their pizza? It's said very quickly and faintly, so definitely use Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): 2nd Generation Zoom Clips from Room 180

These clips were all recorded on the Zoom recorder in Room 180. Compared to what I recorded with the Olympus 1, I didn't get as many possible EVPs from the Zoom. Clip 1: Pam asks, "Are there any secrets in this room?" I hear, "Go away." (I've amplified this section of the clip so you can hear it better.) This is a 2nd generation recording. Clip 2: Quentin asks, "Did you die on this property at one time?" There's a very loud and clear response. Can you make out what's being said? Read more [...]

Reno Hotel (8/28/14): Room 2180: Is This You, Laura J?

This clip was recorded in the last room we investigated on Thursday night: Room 2180. Here's the context. We're in the 1st round of EVP questions in this room. I'm introducing myself and asking, "Why are you making me feel sick?" (I was feeling sick since we arrived on the 21st floor.) This is just before the Ovilus says the word "copper." This is when we heard the EVP, "I'm doing my thing," followed by the F word. We're replaying this section to confirm what we're hearing. Marcy then Read more [...]