Private Location (9/5/14): A Voice in the Hallway

This clip was recorded on my second Olympus DVR that I’d left out in the main hallway of the house by some trigger objects to catch any sounds that might happen around them.

Laura J, Bob, Jeanette, and I were set up in a small room at the end of the hallway on the left side of the house. That room didn’t have a door on it, so you can faintly hear us conducting a quick EVP session.

In the clip, you’ll hear Laura J faintly ask the spirits to leave her a message and that, if they don’t want to leave a message in a recorder in the small room where we were sitting, they could do it on my DVR out in the main hallway.

This is what my second DVR picked up in the hallway. You’ll hear it near the 14 second mark in the clip. Ignore the male whisper that you hear before it, that’s Bob in the small room saying something to us. You’re listening for a whispery male voice that sounds like it’s talking directly into the second DVR in the main hallway.

What’s interesting is that the voice in the clip isn’t coming from one of us in the small room. There was one mam in the group, Bob, and you can hear his voice just before the possible EVP. The whispery voice is not Bob. So who was it?

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