Private Location (9/5/14): “Hey, Now!”

This is a snippet from the Echovox session my group did in the Asian/Mirror/Organ Room. I take what the app says in stride; most of the time (so far), it’s rattled off one or two syllable responses that sometimes have sounded like the answer to a question that’s been asked.

You’ll hear Laura J say, “Can you read [what I just wrote down] and tell Ann what it says?”

I then hear a very clear response, and it’s not too happy!.

I’m including this clip because it reinforces several possible EVPs I’ve found that used the same f-word while we were on the property. Some of those spirits have foul mouths! (And I know exactly what their response is!)

Here’s the long version, if you want to hear what our response was. I think it’s pretty funny.

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