Private Investigation (9/5/14): “What Did I Do with That?”

This is a long clip but I think it’s a good example of the more…interactive nature of our communicating with the spirits in/of the house. I have several other clips, from other parts of the house during the night, where a similar type of interaction happens.

In this clip, the group is on its break. I am sitting out in the Sun Room and have put my DVR on the wooden desk that’s out there. Laura J, who’s set up her stuff around the desk, is looking for something. You’ll hear her say, “What did I do with that?” followed by “I must have left it on the kitchen table.”

I hear an immediate response to this statement.

Then, Laura goes off to get whatever she’d left behind in the kitchen. I hear a voice say, “Go get it,” which, in turn, is followed by a response. The clip ends with me yawning and tagging it, so I know the words weren’t coming from me.

Based on the voices, this wasn’t a pick-up of the conversation going on in the background in the kitchen.

Now, what did I do with that?

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