Private Location (9/5/14): Confirming Some House History

Before visiting this location, I made sure to do some research on it and learn some of the history that’s happened between the house’s walls. The house was built in the first part of the 20th century, so it’s got quite a lot of history.

Based on the history of the house, I prepared a list of questions with their factual answers. I wanted to see if anyone non-human at the house could confirm the information I’d learned.

I found 2 instances where that may have happened.

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear me ask, “Where did they arrest Dr. Hiccup, the imposter?” (Dr. Hiccup was one of the former owners of the house who got into some legal trouble.) My group was in the “conference room.” This is the short version. Right after I ask my question, there’s the sound of someone/something saying 2 syllables. I suggest headphones for this one and you’ll probably need to replay the clip several times to hear the EVP. But I think it’s well worth your effort.

Clip 2: This is the long version of Clip 1. I’m including what happened after I heard the EVP. Hopefully you’ll get a sense of what it felt like to be in the room when the EVP was recorded!

And, yes, that is indeed where the police arrested Dr. Hiccup.

Clip 3: In this clip, you’ll hear me ask, “Before the house was built, what type of crops did they grow, grow around here?” The possible EVP is at the 12 second mark. This time, my group was in the Small Room.

I’ve amplified the EVP but it may still be hard to hear, so I’ll share with you what I’m hearing. I hear a male with a hoarse voice say, “Arta-chokes ’round here.”

Which is one of the many different types of crops that were grown on the land before it was developed into housing.

OK: I realize it’s a bit of a stretch for me–or anyone else–to interpret that faint hoarse-voiced sound into “Arta-chokes ’round here,” but it sure does sound just like that. Can you hear the same thing?

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