Private Location (9/5/14): Echovox in the Mirror Room

In these clips, my group was using the Echovox app so the spirits could talk to us. Here’s the best clips from this room.

Clip 1: Laura J says, “OK, can you tell me what comes after four?” The word “five” comes from the Echovox app. (It’s also possible that, after I recognize the app has said “five,” the app also says “six” before it says “five” for the 2nd time.)

Clip 2: Calling Dr. Cannibal! I ask, “What was the last meal you ate as a human being?”

Clip 3: I ask, “What did they put behind the secret panel?” There is a secret panel built into the stairwell. You know it’s held some interesting things in its lifetime and I wonder if it ever stored these?!


Clip 4: Laura asks, “Do you know who Bridget Oakes is?” (Bridget is a friend of the hosts.) It sounds like Echovox says, “The book?” (Bridge is a writer.) It then sounds like the app says something close to “She wrote the book.” At the very least, the app says “the book” twice.

Clip 5: This was caught during the Echovox session. You’ll hear Laura say, “Hold on. That’s [the sound] of me digging through equipment,” as she looks for something. Ignore what Echovox said. Instead, listen for the male voice that speaks right after the Echovox is done speaking, at the 3 second mark. The voice didn’t come from the Echovox app, as it isn’t able to string enough words together to make a short sentence. And the voice didn’t come from the humans in the room.

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