Private Location (9/5/14): More F-Bombs Dropped Our Way

More swearing from the spirits. We were outside, in front of the Basement door. You’ll hear several people talking in the background. At the 2 second mark, you’ll hear the first f-bomb. The second one comes at 4 seconds and is followed by “me.” Those weren’t said by anyone human. And just in case you think it’s coming from me, I rarely use the f-bomb. And there was nothing going on at that moment that would have elicited a f-bomb from me.

If you’re keeping count of the number of f-bombs dropped our way during this investigation, here’s the final count:

These 2

There’s the time a spirit swore at me when we were looking at the Basement before the investigation started

Once in the Living Room, before we started a session

And the time in the Mirror Room, using the Echovox app when Laura J asked the spirit to tell me what word she’d just written

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