Private Location (9/5/14): Well, It’s Better than Them Swearing At Us

My group was in the “conference” room. We had started a round of questions for a quick EVP session. Laura was telling the group to wait 7 seconds between questions, to allow the spirits time to respond. Right after she says this, I hear someone/something apologize. It wasn’t Bob or Jeanette or me, the other people in the room. Can you make it out?

Note: I’ve amplified the part of the clip where the possible EVP is to make it easier to hear. This is also a 2nd generation recording, taken from Laura J’s recording; that’s why there’s so much white noise.

Well, that’s certainly much nicer than having a spirit tell you to f— yourself. (I have a few of those from this location to post, too.)

The “conference” room was a VERY active location. When the other group investigated the house a few weeks earlier, they also reported the room being active.

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