Private Location (9/5/14): Who Do They Belong To?

My group was in the “conference” room. We were sitting around the table and Laura was dealing us a hand of poker as a “trigger event” to see if it stirred up any spirit activity. There is a large vase sitting on the middle of the table. You’ll hear Laura say, “It’s hard dealing around artifacts [the vase].” You’ll hear Jeanette laugh and then a voice that says 2 words. The words should be pretty easy to hear, because the voice is so loud.

That voice sounds a little too clear and loud, so I have to check on something. Laura: Is it possible that you or Bob said these words? I don’t remember anyone saying anything in this moment. I can’t check my Zoom recorder, because it didn’t record our time in the “conference” room. (Remember when I dropped the Zoom and it fell off the table? Yeah, that erased the recording from the room.)

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