Reno Hotel (8/28/14): More Zoom Clips from Room 180

These are all 1st generation recordings from the Zoom in Room 180.

Clip 1: You’ll hear me say, “OK, we have 3 video cameras so feel free to be a shadow or…” followed by a male voice. Can you make out what’s being said?

Sounds like a defiant spirit. My kind of spirit!

Clip 2: You’ll hear me introduce myself and then say, “I’m going to order a pizza. What do you want on it?” Can you hear what the spirits want on their pizza? It’s said very quickly and faintly, so definitely use headphones/ear buds and turn up the volume.

Clip 3: It starts off with a thud made by one of the humans, followed by Laura J saying, “I’m going to put this [device] on,” followed by me saying, “OK. Tell me if you want me to take the toys out.” In between us, a voice says, “Go ahead,” apparently giving permission to Laura J to put her device out for the spirits.

Clip 4: We’re using the SB7 device to talk to the spirits. We’re asking them if we should leave the room and leave them alone. There are several “leave” responses from the SB7, including a quick “goodbye” said at the end of the clip. The spirits were definitely done with us!

Clip 5: This is also with the SB7. You’ll hear me tag, “Yawning.” The SB7 follows up by saying, “Yawn.”

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