Reno Hotel (8/28/14): 2nd Generation Zoom Clips from Room 180

These clips were all recorded on the Zoom recorder in Room 180. Compared to what I recorded with the Olympus 1, I didn’t get as many possible EVPs from the Zoom.

Clip 1: Pam asks, “Are there any secrets in this room?” I hear, “Go away.” (I’ve amplified this section of the clip so you can hear it better.) This is a 2nd generation recording.

Clip 2: Quentin asks, “Did you die on this property at one time?” There’s a very loud and clear response. Can you make out what’s being said? (This is a 2nd generation recording.)

Clip 3: You’ll hear Laura J tagging the location for her DVR and then a voice asking, “Should you be here?” I’ve amplified this section of the clip. This is a 2nd generation recording.

Clip 4: In this 2nd generation recording, you’ll hear Pam ask, “What’s your name?” I can hear a female voice say very faintly, “Thank you for the alcohol. (I’ve amplified this section of the clip.)

Clip 5: Based on our questioning and the use of the dowsing rods, we determined that the room had once been occupied by a couple who were having an affair. Quentin asks, “Was the female in the relationship pregnant?” You’ll then hear Marcy say, “No, the male was.” Right after this, I hear one voice say “No way” and another that says “Hey!”

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