Reno Hotel (8/28/14): Room 2180: Is This You, Laura J?

This clip was recorded in the last room we investigated on Thursday night: Room 2180.

Here’s the context. We’re in the 1st round of EVP questions in this room. I’m introducing myself and asking, “Why are you making me feel sick?” (I was feeling sick since we arrived on the 21st floor.) This is just before the Ovilus says the word “copper.” This is when we heard the EVP, “I’m doing my thing,” followed by the F word. We’re replaying this section to confirm what we’re hearing.

Marcy then says she’s hearing, “I’m going to make Ann really sick.” She says this twice in a row. During the second time, there’s a female voice that says, “That’s where I got it last time.”

I think this is you. You were in the process of finding the exact section of your recording to play back the “I’m doing my thing” EVP. So it makes sense that you might have said, “That’s where I got it [the EVP on your recorder] last time,” as you’re searching for the place, but it doesn’t sound like you. Can you please confirm?

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