Reno Hotel (8/28/14): What the Olympus 1 Recorded in Room 180

These are all 1st generation recordings from the Olympus 1 DVR.

Clip 1: You’ll hear me say, “OK, tell me if you want me to take the toys [used as trigger objects] out.” You’ll clearly hear a voice over mine that says “Hi.” Marcy then says, “Break, much, stairs.” She’s telling us what the Ovilus app had just said. Right after her, I can hear something say “Here” before Laura J speaks.

Clip 2: Marcy says, “I can hear a man answering these questions. Are you in here by yourself or are there others with you?” At the 14 second mark, I can hear a man in his 40s or 50s faintly say, “I’m tired out.” I’ve amplified the section to make it easier to hear. “I’m tired out” would be what someone might say if they’d driven all day to get to Reno or been out gambling.

Clip 3: This was recorded in a moment of silence. Can you make out what is being said?

Clip 4: You’ll hear Pam ask, “Do you think Laura’s just really funny?” followed by her laughing. In the middle of her laughter you can hear Laura say, “Wait” and a non-human voice whisper, “No.”

Clip 5: You’ll hear Laura introduce herself and a male voice repeat her name.

Clip 6: I say, “You can have a sleepover!” with Laura J, who was lying down on the floor because she wasn’t feeling well. I was joking that she’d stay on the floor and sleep there that night. The SB7 responds with “leave” and “f— you.”

(Well, those spirits definitely didn’t want Laura to spend the night!)

Clip 7: You’ll hear me say, “Yeah. If you want us to leave, say the word ‘leave’.” And, of course, what does the SB7 say?

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