Reno Hotel (8/28/14): What the Zoom Recorded in Room 979

This is the second part of my possible EVP clips from an investigation done at a casino/hotel located in Reno, Nevada. These clips are from the Zoom H6 recorder in Room 979. The Zoom recorder is more sensitive than the Olympus recorders, and it picked up a number of things that the Olympus 1 did not. All of these clips are 1st generation recordings.

Clip 1: This is an interesting one. In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J say, “OK, Ghost Radar [app] is here,” followed by what sounds like someone/something saying, “Ha pa pa pa pa now.” No human said these syllables. Strange, yes?

My Olympus 1 recorder was also running at the time, but it didn’t pick this up.

Clip 2: You’ll hear Laura J say, “The Mel Meter is right next to Irwin [the stuffed moose].” At the 4 second mark, a voice says what sounds like “cat food.” I’ve amplified that part of the clip so you can hear it better. “Cat food” is said before Laura J says, “Go back for a pass!”

Clip 3: Laura J says, “If you remember me from last year.” The Ovilus says a word right after that which you can ignore. At the 7 second mark, something says the name, “Michael.” I’ve amplified the section so you can hear it better.

Clip 4: In this 2nd generation recording, you’ll hear Marcy ask, “What’s your name?” I hear “Mi-chael” followed by something else that I can’t make out. I’ve amplified the section to make it easier to hear. Is there a connection between clips 3 and 4?

Clip 5: This was recorded during a session with Marcy’s Andy’s Box. In the clip, you’ll hear Laura J ask if there’s another hotel room that we should move to and check out. At the 6 second mark, there’s something that sounds very close to “across the hall.” Another “across the hall” can be heard clearly at the 14 second mark, just before the clip ends. The next room we were going to investigate was indeed “across the hall.”

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