Private Location (9/5/14): Assorted House Noises

All of these clips were recorded on the Olympus 2 DVR that I’d placed in the main hallway near some trigger objects.

Clip 1: A sudden whistle out of nowhere. There wasn’t anyone in the main hallway at the time.

Clip 2: A series of loud thumps. Again, no one was in the hallway, as everyone was off investigating the 2 wings of the house.

Clip 3: This is a long recording of many different noises heard in the main hallway. The 2 groups were off investigating the 2 wings of the house, so I’m not sure who among us would’ve been out in the main hallway making noises and I can’t figure out what someone/something was doing. It’s definitely not from someone in the other group. At 48 seconds, you’ll be able to hear Jim talking to his group (the other group) and at 1:02 his entire group returns to the main hallway. So who was out there in the main hallway and what were they doing?

These are some interesting sounds from the main hallway. If I get a second chance to investigate this location, I’ll be sure to leave my DVR out in the main hallway again to hear what I catch.

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