Private Location (9/5/14): Miscellaneous Audio Clips from This Location

This wound up being a great investigation and I’m really pleased with all the audio evidence I caught. The spirits were definitely present and active. They seemed to enjoy interacting with my group or at least enjoy swearing at us/me. The house has a long history of people who’ve lived in it, so there’s a lot to tell the living.

I’ll end this investigation wrap up with these clips.

Clip 1: This is interesting, given that the house is supposedly haunted. You’ll hear Catherine ask, “Can you point to where they’re [the spirits] standing?” You’ll hear the beginning sounds of someone climbing down the steps to reach the room we were in at the time of the recording. At 4 seconds, I hear a male voice say something–and it sounds like the name of a popular TV show! I wonder if the owners have approached them about filming an episode at their house?

Clip 2: This was recorded on my 2nd Olympus DVR, which I’d left in the main hallway near some trigger objects (alcohol and cigars). The 2 groups had split up and gone to separate sides of the house on the same floor and there wasn’t anyone human left in the hallway. In the background, you’ll hear me ask, “What are the names of Henry and Amy McCloskers?” At the 5 second mark, you can faintly hear a woman’s voice ask, “Can anyone here help him?”

While it’s possible that this could be contamination coming from the other group, I doubt it. I asked someone in the other group to review her recording of this same time to see what they were asking or talking about. She said she doesn’t have anyone in the group saying that.

This clip is also a good example of the ongoing sounds I heard that night of a woman or women talking in the main hallway. It was very faint but I was able to capture some of it on my recorders and very faintly hear some of it with my own ears. There was also the very strong presence of a woman or women in the hallway; the apparition of a woman has been seen in the same area by previous owners.

Clip 3: Here’s another clip of a woman in the hallway. Again, everyone was in their group. There wasn’t anyone out in the main hallway, where this was recorded. You can clearly hear a female humming in the background.

Clip 4: This is an odd one and I’m working to debunk it. This is also from the 2nd Olympus DVR that was left in the main hallway. Everyone at the investigation was in their groups, and both groups were investigating on their own with the doors to the rooms they were in closed.

In the clip, you’ll hear the sound of a lock turning. This is, I believe, from the Front Door being unlocked. The odd part is that there isn’t a corresponding sound of the door being re-locked. There also aren’t any footsteps leading up the the unlocking sound or after. 2 of the women were wearing soft, indoor house slippers, so it could be one of them opening the door; you might not hear their footsteps because they were wearing the slippers.

Clip 5: From the Olympus 2 DVR in the main hallway. I’ve amplified the part where a voice says, “Shit happens.”

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