Private Location (9/5/14): Tick, Tock

This is an interesting clip from the Olympus 2 DVR that I’d left recording in the main hallway. At this point in the night, the entire group was on the lower level investigating. You can hear someone laugh at the beginning of the clip. Then, at 2 seconds, I hear someone/something say what sounds like, “Tick, tock, time to entertain.”

Which, given the history of this location, is very appropriate as many parties were held at the house. In fact, a previous owner used the house exclusively for his parties. I can see someone from the past saying to the host, “Tick, tock, time to entertain” when the party was about to start.

Here is the same moment, recorded on the Olympus 1 DVR that I had downstairs with the entire group. You’ll hear something different when compared with what the Oly 2 recorded.

In this clip, you can hear Laura J clearly say, “OK.” This is followed by Cathy mock-whispering, “She wants to touch your face.”

This is a great example of why it’s important to have several recorders going at the same time. One recording can help establish or debunk voices and other sounds picked up in another recording, as has happened in this case.

But it is interesting to note that “OK” and “She wants to touch your face” said on the Lower Level could sound like, “Tick, tock, time to entertain” from the main hallway.

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