Month: October 2014

USS Hornet (9/19/14): Two Spirits Talking to Each Other

This was recorded at the end of the formal investigation. My group was leaving the Brig area and heading back to the Hangar Deck. You'll hear the sound of us moving in the passageway. No one was saying anything at the moment, but I catch 2 spirits talking to each other. One says, "Don't forget" and the other says, "This just happened." Not sure what the last spirit was referring to. I've amplified the clip so you can hear the voices better. Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): Using the REM Pod to Communicate

We're in the Admiral's Inport Cabin, which is like a small meeting room used by the Admiral when the Hornet was in port. We've started an EVP session. This clip is of the entire session. Notice that the REM pod goes off after every question but doesn't go off when Brian says, "Pass," and Bill says, "Tora, tora, tora." Pam picks up on what's going on and comments on it. Brian, picking up on this, passes to see if the REM pod will go off. (It doesn't.) It's unusual for the REM pod to Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): “OK, Sailor, What’ll You Have to Drink?”

My group has just settled into the Admiral's Conference Room. I've just mentioned that I brought little bottles of alcohol to use as trigger objects and asked the group if I should break them out. (The REM pod went off at that moment as if to say, "Yes!") You'll hear me say that I'm bringing out the cigars and the alcohol. In between, you'll hear people in the group respond to what I'm saying. Listen at the 10 second mark for what the spirit had to say about the alcohol choices I brought with Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): And Now For Another Joke!

Bill tells us a joke about an old sailor who goes into port on leave. The joke is a bit long and it's a little naughty. When Bill finishes telling his joke, you'll hear Laura J cough at 35 seconds and say, "I'm sorry." Right after this, a non-human voice tells us what it thinks of Bill's joke. Can you make it out? It's at the 36 second mark. Next, you'll hear Bill say, "S'not one of the good jokes," and Laura J says, "No, I was going to say that wasn't a clean joke." A non-human voice replies, Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): And Now For a Joke!

Still in the Ready Room. Bob asks the spirits if they want to hear any jokes. Laura J says, "Can't remember any jokes right off the top of my head and I usually know a lot of them." A non-human voice responds, "I approve." (I've amplified this part of the clip so you can hear it more clearly.) Laura J then continues by saying, "All [the jokes she knows are] clean jokes." Another non-human voice says, "That's good." Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): “If You Want to Hear ‘The Charleston’…..”

This clip was recorded in the "Ready Room," one of the rooms used by the pilots before and after their flights. We were trying to find the spirits music that they would like. You'll hear me ask, "If you want to hear 'The Charleston,' turn the flashlight on." Can you make out what the spirit says? It's not a flashlight turning on but it's still a great response! Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): Need Some Help Here!

I give up trying to figure out what is being said in these clips. Want to give them a try? Clip 1: We were in Radio Central. Laura J, who has super-fine hearing, heard a noise and was figuring out what she'd heard. Listen at the 9 and 12 second marks. I can hear something non-human speaking but can't make out what's being said. I've amplified these 2 locations so you might be able to hear the voices better. At the 15 second mark, you'll clearly hear an odd-sounding voice say something, Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): How Many Men?

Bill, our guide, snuck us into Radio Central, where all the secret codes were kept on the ship and secret communication happened. This is a location that is not on the public tour and is rarely visited by any of the Hornet staff or volunteers. Most of the people in my group were reporting feeling odd while in Radio Central. These compartments definitely had what I'd call a "thick" atmosphere. I'm not sure if that was because there were a number of spirits who were possibly there with us or Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): More From the Officers’ Wardroom

Although my group didn't stay long in the Officers' Wardroom, I was able to record some great stuff. Clip 1: This was recorded on our way to the Officers' Wardroom. Bill was telling us how Filipino stewards would serve the Officers' meals. He asked if anyone knew Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. You'll hear some laughter and then Brian says, "I know some..." Chris then says, "Lumpia!" (Lumpia is like an egg roll. Mmmmm, now I'm hungry for one!) Listen for the pause Read more [...]

USS Hornet (9/19/14): The Whistle in the Officers’ Wardroom

My group had just started a quick EVP session in the Officers' Wardroom (Dining Room). As far as we could tell, there was no one else near us or on that side of the Hornet at the time. You'll hear Brian, who served in the Navy, ask, "How many of you were pilots, sirs?" Just as he finishes asking, there is a loud, piercing whistle. You'll also hear some of our responses. The Whistle sounds like it was coming from the hallway/gallery area on the left side as you enter the Wardroom. The Read more [...]