Reno Hotel (8/29/14): 1st Generation Recordings from Room 300

These are all 1st generation recordings from Laura’s hotel room.

Clip 1A: This clip is paired with Clip 1B and was recorded on the Olympus DVR. In Clip 1A, you’ll hear Laura J ask, “Did you hear about Buddy Holly?” followed by a clear response. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 1B: This clip is paired with Clip 1A and was recorded on the Zoom H6 recorder. The Zoom picked up a slightly different version of what the spirit said in Clip 1A. In Clip 1B, you’ll hear Laura J say, “Have you, did you hear about Buddy Holly?” It sounds like 2 different spirits are responding. Can you make out what they’re saying this time?

Clip 2: I’m posting this clip because I think it’s pretty clear what the spirit said. You’ll hear Laura J ask, “Would you like to hear some music?” followed by a response.

Clip 3: Pam is asking if the spirit would admit to cheating if s/he had cheated. Just before the clip ends, a voice whispers, “Have at it.”

Clip 4: Pam asks, “Can I sit in this chair over here?” Laura J says, “Yeah” which is followed by a clear spirit voice saying, “OK.”

Clip 5: This is one of my “Top Ten Favorite EVPs.”

You’ll hear me say, “If you want us to finish this room (finish investigating Laura J’s room), turn the flashlight on, please.” Immediately, I hear what sounds like, “Heads up,” as if someone/something non-human is alerting others that we’re about to leave the room.

This is followed by Laura J who says, “Do you want to sing to me?” and then the spirits sing/say, “Here they come.” I’ve amplified the last spirit response so you can hear it better. What’s interesting is that the spirits seem to be singing “Here they come,” perhaps in response to Laura J wanting them to sing to her.

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