Reno Hotel (8/29/14): 2nd Generation Recordings from Room 250

All of these clips were recorded from Pam’s room (250) and are all 2nd generation recordings (I recorded a playback coming from Laura’s J recorder).

Clip 1: Pam asks, “Where there always 2 beds in this room?” A male voice whispers, “Wonder why.”

Clip 2: During the session in Pam’s room, the people next door were, uhm, having a good time with each other and we could hear them. I ask, “What are they doing next door?” A male voice says, “Sex.” Which is, indeed, what they were doing next door based on what we could hear.

Clip 3: Laura J was wondering if there’d be any good EVPs to share with the casino/hotel staff during the time the couple next door were having a good time. That might make for an awkward clip. She says, “…playback for the casino people,” followed by our laughter. A male voice says, pretty loudly and clearly over our laughter, what sounds like, “I separate it.” Is the spirit saying he’ll make sure the EVPs are “separate” from the other, stray noises we heard earlier?

Clip 4: I ask, “There’s a holiday coming up. Can you say what holiday it is?” I hear what sounds like, “Vet’s holiday.” The upcoming holiday was Labor Day. Good guess but wrong answer.

Clip 5: Laura J is asking the spirits to reply to an earlier question by turning “on a flashlight or light[ing] up a piece of our equipment, please.” There’s an immediate response. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 6: Laura J laughs and then says, “I’m sorry” for laughing, followed by Pam softly saying, “OK.” Laura J continues with, “Shall we have the talk with you, Ann?” At the time, this was very funny. (Sorry, I’ve truncated the moment so you won’t be able to understand what we were laughing about.) You’ll then hear more human laughter, followed by 3 hearty spirit laughs.

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