Reno Hotel (8/29/14): More from Room 250

These are all 1st generation recordings from Pam’s room.

Clip 1: While we were investigating Pam’s room, the people next door were, uhm, enjoying their time together in ways that we could hear. An earlier, 2nd generation EVP told us that they’re having “sex.” I’m following up on this as we’re preparing to move onto our next room. I say, “Well, you know, Reno, right?” meaning of course you’d expect to hear that type of noise, because it’s part of why some people enjoy going to Reno. A spirit voice says, “We know.”

Clip 2: We’re getting ready to move onto our next room. You’ll hear Laura J say, “Uhh….Jesus, guacamole.” Listen for what’s said in between. Can you make out what the spirit said?

Clip 3: I hear a noise and ask, “What was that?” Laura J responds with, “That scream? From outside. Maybe by the pool.” A spirit also responds. Can you make out where the spirit was? Note: I’ve amplified what the spirit said so you can hear it better.

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