Reno Hotel (8/29/14): Responses from the Echovox App

Here are some responses from the Echovox app (EV) received on Friday, 8/29/14. On this night, Laura J, Pam, and I investigated our rooms. I’ve put the room number in parenthesis. Laura J had room 300. Pam had room 250. And I had room 675.

In each of the clips, you’ll hear someone/something speak what sounds like partial words or syllables. That’s the app at work. The theory is that the spirits can manipulate these sounds into complete words that we can understand.

Clip 1 (675): You’ll hear me ask, “If you like to gamble here, can you tell us your favorite game that you like to play?” EV replies with, “Pinochle.” In earlier years, pinchole was once a very popular card game in this country and some people gambled money as they played. I was definitely not expecting this response, instead thinking we’d get something like poker or 21.

Clip 2 (675): I say, “We’re trying something different” to help the spirits communicate with us. I then say, “It [using the EV app] might be easier for you to communicate with us.” I hear, “No, we want practice.” Perhaps the spirits were asking for some practice using the app because they’d never used it before. (Sometimes it’s good to show/teach the spirits how to use our equipment, just in case they don’t know how.)

Clip 3 (675): Pam asks, “Is there any piece of equipment in here that’s bothering you?” At the 11 second mark, the app says, “Get out.” I guess our equipment was really bothering some of the spirits in the room!

Clip 3 (675): Laura J asks, “Have you ever been to the Sands Casino?” At 8 seconds, a female says, “I was there,” followed closely by a man saying, “I was.”

Clip 4 (300): Pam asks, “What promise did you make?” The app responds with, “I love you,” which is a great promise to make to someone.

Clip 5 (300): Tim asks, “What happened in the water?” The app responds with what sounds like, “Yep. Bathtub.”

Clip 6 (300): This is not a response from the Echovox app. Instead, it’s an EVP that was recorded in the middle of our EV session. Pam says, “So Laura has incredibly sensitive ears.” Right after Pam says this, a male voice whispers, “No problem” before Pam continues speaking, “My ears….” The way I can tell this is an EVP and not the EV app is that EVPs tend to sound similar, and this male whisper is common among the EVPs I’ve so far collected.

Clip 7 (300): One of our favorite questions to ask is, “Does this room hold any secrets?” We’d just asked that question and I was following up by asking, “Can you tell us one of the secrets?” The EV app responds with “I,” followed by 2 random syllables and “was about to.”

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