Reno Hotel (8/29/14): SB 7 Responses

These clips are recorded responses from the SB 7 spirit box. The SB 7 sweeps across the available FM radio frequencies very quickly and backwards, so all you’re hear is a single syllable or, at times, a whole, short word. Going backwards increases the likelihood that a SB 7 response is not a human voice coming in over the frequency but is more likely to be a possible spirit response.

The number of the room where the clip was recorded is included in the parenthesis. Note that the majority of SB 7 clips were recorded in my hotel room (675).

Clip 1 (300): Pam asks, “What are you looking for, here?” At the 5 second mark, “To gamble” can be heard.

Clip 2 (675): I ask, “Can you tell us how many of you are here?” The SB 7 responds with “A couple” at the 3 second mark. Laura J then says, “It sounded like it said 3 before you asked the question.” Before she can finish her sentence, the SB 7 responds again with “A couple,” this time in a male voice at the 6 second mark.

Clip 3 (675): This clip starts off with the SB 7 saying, “Labor Day.” Pam says, “That said Labor Day.” Laura J replies, “Yep. That female voice?” followed by Pam saying, “Yeah.” Right after Pam, the SB 7 says, “holiday.” I then say, “I was just going to ask what holiday is coming up.” Pam comments that the spirits can read minds. (This is a common occurrence, where the spirits will communicate something that someone was just about to say or ask.)

Clip 4 (675): I’ve asked if the spirits can name one of the cities where we live. Laura J adds, “Or [say] the state?” The SB 7 clearly says, “I’ll try.”

Clip 5 (675): Pam asks, “Are you older than 20 [years]?” The SB 7 responds with what sounds like, “I do not,” and then a clear, “Not sure.”

Clip 6 (675): The clip starts off with the SB 7 saying what sounds like, “The people” and “enough.” This is interesting, because Laura J asks if the spirits are bothered by all the people in the casino/hotel. The SB 7 gives off several more responses, including a female voice clearly saying, “Labor Day.” (There were a lot of people in Reno for the Labor Day holiday weekend.)

Clip 7 (675): Laura J asks, “Is this piece of equipment [the SB 7] too noisy for you?” At 8 seconds, the SB 7 says, “Turn off.”

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