Reno Hotel (8/29/14): 2nd Generation Recordings from Room 300

These are 2nd generation recordings from Room 300, Laura J’s hotel room.

Clip 1: Laura J says, “If there are any spirits here that followed us from the other 2 rooms we were in tonight, can you tell us your name?” At 8 seconds, I hear a faint voice say what sounds like “Robert Carhart.” I’ve amplified the EVP so you can hear the name better.

Clip 2: I ask, “Can you say the name of one of the [stuffed] animals on the bed?” You’ll hear the Ghost Radar app say, “Liquid”; ignore that. Listen for the possible EVP at the 10 second mark. I think the voice is possibly saying, “Vines,” which is the name of one of the stuffed animals on the bed.

Clip 3: The clip starts off with Laura J saying, “I have no idea,” and Pam saying, “Heavy breathing?” Laura J responds with, “Yeah,” and then plays back her recording of the EVP session we’ve just finished. (Laura J and Pam are talking in real time, as Laura J’s recording is played back.) You’ll hear part of my question; what I asked was for the spirits to name the state where we all live.

I hear a faint voice say at the 5 second mark something that sounds like the name of our state. The same voice appears to repeat itself several seconds later. It’s also possible the voice said, “Hell if I know.”

Clip 4: Pam asks, “What’s your name?” At the 3 second mark, I can hear what sounds like a name. Can you make it out?

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