Reno Hotel (8/29/14): More Clips from My Room

All of these clips were recorded in Room 675, my room.

Clip 1A: You’ll hear Laura J ask the spirits to tell us what was the name of the hotel that was originally on the site we’re investigating. At 6 seconds, I can faintly hear a female voice and I think it’s saying, “Innsbrook.” There is significance to this possible response.

The previous night, we investigated 3 rooms that have had reports from staff and guests about possible paranormal activities happening. In one of those rooms (180), I asked the same question Laura J did and recorded a faint voice that sounds like it’s saying, “Innsbrook.”

I did some quick research of the area and found out that there is an Innsbrook Court (street) in Reno and an Innsbrook Village Apartments in Sparks, so clearly there is some connection between “Innsbrook” and the Reno area. I need to do more research to confirm the name of the original hotel.

Clip 1B: Here’s the clip from the night of 8/28/14 with a faint voice possibly saying “Innsbrook.” This is a 2nd generation recording.

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear Pam talk about the placement of her IR light (infra-red, used to shoot video footage in the dark). Next, you’ll hear Laura J say, “I’m not going to run my camera right now, because you both are running cameras.” At the 6 second mark and in the middle of what Laura J’s saying, a male voice says very clearly and loudly, “Awesome.” There were only 3 of us in the room and no men were present. So who said “Awesome”?

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