Reno Hotel (8/29/14): What My Room Had to Say

During the first night of my stay at this Reno hotel, I kept hearing small noises and sounds from somewhere in my room. It wasn’t the normal things I hear when I’m staying in a hotel room but wasn’t anything that alarmed me. These noises just sounded a bit…different. These clips were recorded in Room 675, my hotel room.

Clip 1: This is a 1st generation recording. You’ll hear Laura J say somewhat faintly, “There’s a red cross on the side of that hill.” Right before she says, “hill,” a male non-human voice says, “Hey.” Must’ve been something trying to get our attention.

Prior to that, I can hear other sounds faintly under the ongoing, quiet drone of the air conditioning which was turned on; but I don’t hear anything clear enough to guess at what’s being said or even tell if they’re EVPs.

Clip 3: Snore, whistle, or sigh: What’s your guess? (Note: This is the only time I heard this particular sound when listening to all of the audio I’d recorded in my room. The sound did not come from me, Pam, or Laura J.

Clip 4: Pam introduces herself and asks, “What’s your name?” Right after that, I hear almost a guttural response that sounds like a name. Can you make it out?

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