USS Hornet (9/19/14): More From the Officers’ Wardroom

Although my group didn’t stay long in the Officers’ Wardroom, I was able to record some great stuff.

Clip 1: This was recorded on our way to the Officers’ Wardroom. Bill was telling us how Filipino stewards would serve the Officers’ meals. He asked if anyone knew Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. You’ll hear some laughter and then Brian says, “I know some…” Chris then says, “Lumpia!” (Lumpia is like an egg roll. Mmmmm, now I’m hungry for one!)

Listen for the pause between Bill and Chris speaking. It sounds like a spirit knew what Chris was going to say!

Clip 2: Bill told us that the officers ate on chinaware because of their rank. He says, “You’ve heard that rank has its privileges, right?” and Pam says, “Yep.” Right after Bill speaks, there’s a male voice that sounds like it’s saying “F hole” or “A hole.” Next, Laura J says, “That’s more than I can say at home.” A human-made noise follows and then a male voice says, “I know.”

Laura J must’ve brought one of her household spirits with her.

Clip 3: Laura J says, “Kinda get a feel for who you’re sitting next to,” as we get ready to do a quick EVP session. As she finishes, a spirit says something. Can you make it out?

After the spirit voice, Laura J continues by saying, “I’m just gonna go….” Another voice says what sounds like “Movado.”

Clip 4: In this clip, Laura introduces herself and a spirit responds. Can you hear what it says? It’s a quick clip and the possible EVP can be heard in the first second.

Clip 5: This was recorded in real time and follows right after The Whistle. (See previous blog post for that clip.) Pam is trying to figure out what could’ve made the sound. She says, “It sounds like someone moving a door, like one of those on the, the.” Brian helps her out with the word. Listen for the moment right after Pam is trying to find the correct word to use. Was Pam right?

Clip 6: Brian asks, “So was that you making that noise, sirs?” There’s a response at the 7 second mark. Next, you’ll hear Laura J say that one of the flashlights just turned on. There’s another possible EVP here that seems to contradict the command given at 7 seconds.

Clip 7: Earlier, in the Enlisted Men’s Mess, Laura J felt the sensation of hands (or something like that) grabbing her by the neck. In the Wardroom, she asked if that same spirit was present with us. The first possible EVP says “Yes,” followed by a human sniff. Right after that, another voice faintly says what sounds like “I smoked that.” Next, Laura J tags the sniffle and there’s a string of unclear syllables being said. Take a listen and see if you can make out anything.

Clip 3: Our group is on the move to the next location after the Wardroom. You’ll hear Chris in the background ask if The Whistle we heard earlier might have been from the bosun’s whistle. Bill and I say “No.” Next, Bill says, “Stop here for a second.” A very helpful spirit says something. Can you make it out?

As you can hear and see, the Officers’ Wardroom was very active.

This fits, because every time I’m in the Wardroom, I can feel the presence of spirits who served on the Hornet or were in the military. There are a lot of them hanging out in that compartment. In total, I’ve been in the Wardroom 5 or 6 times by now. Every single time. Anyone else feel similarly?

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