USS Hornet (9/19/14): “Quick–Run!”

OK, maybe the spirits didn’t say quite that.

My group is in the Enlisted Men’s Mess and we’re getting ready to move on to our next location on the Hornet. Laura J suddenly hears voices coming from the extended seating area off the main Mess and she goes to investigate. You’ll hear me say, “I’m following” to see what she finds. Right after I say that, you’ll hear a male voice saying, “She won’t follow us” at the 21 second mark. I’ve amplified that section so it’s easier to hear the voice.

These spirits must not know Laura J., because she’d **definitely** follow you if you were a spirit!

This clip is also from the Enlisted Men’s Mess. At the end of the session here, we’re gathering our equipment and getting ready to move out. Laura J says, “I say we load up from here and, the….” You’ll then hear a voice suggest where we should go next. Can you make out where the spirit thinks we should go next?

(It’s too bad we didn’t hear this at the time, as we might’ve been able to follow up and go where the spirit suggests.)

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