USS Hornet (9/19/14): The Whistle in the Officers’ Wardroom

My group had just started a quick EVP session in the Officers’ Wardroom (Dining Room). As far as we could tell, there was no one else near us or on that side of the Hornet at the time.

You’ll hear Brian, who served in the Navy, ask, “How many of you were pilots, sirs?” Just as he finishes asking, there is a loud, piercing whistle. You’ll also hear some of our responses.

The Whistle sounds like it was coming from the hallway/gallery area on the left side as you enter the Wardroom. The Whistle definitely did not come from anyone in my group.

If I had to categorize The Whistle, I’d say it sounds like a man whistling to get someone’s attention who was far away. Bill, our guide, stated that he’d never before heard that sound in the Wardroom area or elsewhere on the Hornet. Well, it worked: Whomever wanted our attention was successful in getting it

This is a 2nd generation recording. In it, you’ll hear Laura J ask, “Senior Officers’ Mess. Is that what you said?” Bill starts to say, “Just the officers’….” Before he finishes, you’ll hear Laura J repeat Bill; before she can finish, there is a very short whistle that was not heard at the time of the recording. This whistle sounds similar to The Whistle. What do you think?

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