USS Hornet (9/19/14): Need Some Help Here!

I give up trying to figure out what is being said in these clips. Want to give them a try?

Clip 1: We were in Radio Central. Laura J, who has super-fine hearing, heard a noise and was figuring out what she’d heard. Listen at the 9 and 12 second marks. I can hear something non-human speaking but can’t make out what’s being said. I’ve amplified these 2 locations so you might be able to hear the voices better.

At the 15 second mark, you’ll clearly hear an odd-sounding voice say something, right after Chris says, “You suck, Ann” and before I say, “That’s what the Echovox said.” At the time, we thought the voice was saying, “The REM pod is right there” or something like that. However, I now hear what sounds like, “With mustard,” which makes no sense.

What do you hear?

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura talking about how, when I post clips to my blog, they sound different. You’ll hear several things being said as she talks while she sets up for our next session in one of the Ready Rooms. These things weren’t said by any of the humans in the Ready Room at the time. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 3: In this clip, we’re on the move in the main passageway, leaving Radio Central and heading to one of the Ready Rooms. You’ll hear Bill say, “Wait for me. Are they exiting or…” followed by a weird voice saying what sounds like “ring mold” or “safe mode.” What do you think the voice is saying?

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