USS Hornet (9/19/14): “OK, Sailor, What’ll You Have to Drink?”

My group has just settled into the Admiral’s Conference Room. I’ve just mentioned that I brought little bottles of alcohol to use as trigger objects and asked the group if I should break them out. (The REM pod went off at that moment as if to say, “Yes!”) You’ll hear me say that I’m bringing out the cigars and the alcohol. In between, you’ll hear people in the group respond to what I’m saying. Listen at the 10 second mark for what the spirit had to say about the alcohol choices I brought with me.

I’d brought a small bottle of Glenlivet scotch whiskey with me that night. Bourbon is a type of whiskey made primarily out of corn but it’s made in the United States, mostly in Kentucky. I guess this spirit preferred domestic whiskeys to “foreign” ones! I will have to buy some bourbon for my next investigation.

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