USS Hornet (9/19/14): Using the REM Pod to Communicate

We’re in the Admiral’s Inport Cabin, which is like a small meeting room used by the Admiral when the Hornet was in port. We’ve started an EVP session. This clip is of the entire session. Notice that the REM pod goes off after every question but doesn’t go off when Brian says, “Pass,” and Bill says, “Tora, tora, tora.”

Pam picks up on what’s going on and comments on it. Brian, picking up on this, passes to see if the REM pod will go off. (It doesn’t.)

It’s unusual for the REM pod to go off during an investigation. It’s even **more** unusual for it to go off and on along with our questions. It really seems like the spirits didn’t want us to hear any of their responses, so they set the REM pod after each question.

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