Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): Who Was in the Bathroom?

When I first walked into the Dining Room on the first floor of the Sierra Nevada before the investigation started, I instantly had a “feeling” about the public bathrooms that were off in the back. I sensed that there were spirits who were, for whatever reason, hanging out in front of the 2 Bathroom doors (one for men and one for women).

This seemed to be confirmed by Group 2, who’d investigated the Bathroom area before my group and reported that they’d encountered a lot of activity there, including hearing voices.

When it was my group’s turn to investigate the first floor, we started off in the bar in front. I went ahead and placed my DVR 2 on a chair in the hallway outside of the Bathroom area because I thought I’d catch something. I didn’t catch much on DVR 2, except for one female voice. I can make out the “OK” at the beginning but then can’t make out what’s said after that.

After the female voice, you’ll faintly hear the sounds of my group talking in the background in the bar. It serves as a good comparison with the female voice outside the bathrooms. As you can hear, the female voice is not coming from us.

At the time of this EVP, everyone in my group was in the bar area. Everyone in Group 2 was upstairs investigating the individual rooms. There was one employee who was on the premises with us and she was with my group in the bar. There were no humans who were in the bathroom hallway. No one else entered the premises, so the female voice is not coming from someone on the street who happened to come into the Dining Room and bathroom area.

DVR 2 ran for approximately 90 minutes and this is the only time I captured this female voice.

Can you make out what the voice is saying?

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