Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): Confirming an EVP in the Ballroom

The entire group started the investigation off in the Ballroom, which is currently being refurbished. We’ve started a quick EVP session and everyone is taking a turn asking a question.

In this clip, you’ll hear Charles say, “I’m Charles and I’m passing [choosing not to ask a question] again.”

There is a single beep right after he finishes. I don’t know what made this sound because it didn’t happen at the time of the recording.

At the 3 second mark, you’ll hear a female voice saying, “Mmmmm, nice.”

This was not said by any of the women who were present.

What’s interesting about this EVP is that Laura J reported hearing the “Mmmmm” part right after we’d finished recording the quick EVP session and before she replayed her recording of that session. The clip below is from the moment when she told us this.

It seems like Laura J actually heard the disembodied voice at the time it was speaking! This is great confirmation of what Laura J heard and the female EVP.

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