Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): “Isabella, Are You Here?”

The Ballroom on the first floor was very active and was a great way to start off this investigation. What’s interesting is that I caught a lot of female voices on my recording of what happened in this room. It sounds like several different female voices. Typically on an investigation, I’ll catch a lot of male voices but very few female ones. This was not the case at the Sierra Nevada Hotel.

In this 2nd generation clip, you’ll hear Laura J ask, “Isabella, are you here?”

(Isabella is the spirit who is reported to haunt Room 1. She supposedly haunts the room because it’s her favorite and she’s waiting for a boyfriend to come back.)

The response is very faint and can be heard at the 3 second mark. Can you make it out? I suggest turning up the volume and listening with headphones.

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