Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): A Pair of Clips from Room 4

These 2 clips are 2nd generation recordings.

Clip 1: Charles asks, “What brought you here?” At the 3 second mark, a very faint male voice says, “That was downstairs.”

Clip 2: I ask, “Can you tell us what the name of the holiday [coming up; it was Veteran’s Day] is?” At 14 seconds, a mechanical male voice says, “On United.”

“On United” seems like it has no relevance to my question. But is it an answer to Charles’ question? He asked his question first and I followed him. (“What brought you here?” “On United,” meaning the way the spirit traveled to get to Coloma (the location of the Sierra Nevada Hotel) and not the reason why the spirit came to Coloma.)

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