Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): Weird, Creepy Man Laughter

Location: Room 4. This is a 2nd generation recording, coming from Pam’s DVR. In the clip, 2 different things happen.

Part 1: Dori asks, “Did you ever drink whiskey?” This is followed by a faint male voice at 3 seconds. I think I know what it’s saying. Can you make it out? You’ll need to turn the volume up and use headphones to hear this one.

Part 2: Next, you’ll hear Pam wrap up the quick EVP session by saying, “Alright. Let’s do a quick playback.” You’ll hear the creepy man laughter at 9 seconds.

It also sounds like there are 2 more EVPs that can be heard over Pam talking, but I can’t make out what’s being said.

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