Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): ????

Location: Room 4. The first clip is a 2nd generation recording.

Clip 1: You’ll hear me say, “Can you [the spirits] turn the light off?” This is followed by a spirit saying what sounds like, “F— me, too.” In real time (since we’re listening to a playback of an EVP session), I say, “I thought I saw something….” This is followed by 3 disembodied voices; can you make out what they’re saying?

Clip 2: This is a 1st generation recording of the same moment taken from my DVR. As you’ll hear, there’s a vast difference in what was said and recorded between the 2 clips.

So who/what made the non-human sounds? You can clearly hear in Clip 2 what the humans were saying at the time. Did a DVR “mis-record” what we said, resulting in what sounds like EVPs? Or are these really EVPs? Or is it something completely different? I’ll let you decide what the answer is.

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