Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): From the Dining Room

Clip 1: You’ll hear Pam say, “Thank you” to me and me say to Pam, “Hey, no problem.” At the 2 second mark, a male voice says, “Someone’s in the Ballroom.” I’ve amplified this part so you can hear the voice better.

This was actually a true statement, given all the EVPs recorded in the Ballroom. (The entire group started off in the Ballroom to gauge the activity of the location.) We weren’t in there for very long but received a number of responses to our questions or things we said. Someone/thing is definitely in the Ballroom!

Clip 2: You’ll hear me ask, “Or are you just more active in Room 4 [tonight] because it’s Pam’s room tonight?” At the 7 second mark, a male voice faintly says, “No.” (Which is true; Room 4 is considered one of the more active rooms in the Hotel and the activity occurs no matter who’s staying in it.)

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