Sierra Nevada Hotel (10/31/14): Room 5 (Part 3)

Clip 1: In this 2nd generation recording, you’ll hear Pam ask, “What’s the name of someone who’s in this room?” There’s a response at the 6 second mark. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 2: In this 2nd generation clip, Lisa asks, “How old were you when you died?” This is followed by the Ovilus saying something. (This is not the EVP.) At the 7 second mark, a male voice clearly says, “Good night.”

Clip 3: This is also a 2nd generation clip. You’ll hear Laura J ask the spirits which room they’ll be sleeping in tonight. At the 3 second mark, there is a quick reply. Can you make it out?

Clip 4: It was raining hard the night of the investigation. It was the first rain of the fall/winter season. Someone asks, “Are you happy with all the rain?” 2 different male voices respond. One says, “Yes,” and another one says, “The rain.”

Note that the voice that says “the rain” sounds just like the voice that said “good night” in clip 2.

Clip 5: I like to play games with the spirits. In this 2nd generation recording, you’ll hear me ask, “What number am I thinking of?” A disembodied voice responds at 4 seconds. Can you make out the number? (The disembodied voice was off by 10.)

Clip 6: This is the last clip from Room 5 and is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear Laura J invite the spirits to listen to the playback of the quick EVP session we’ve just conducted. At the 5 second mark, I can hear a male voice guide where someone/thing should go. This is followed by another male voice that seems to be responding, because it says, “F— it.” (As in, “F— you telling me where to go!”)

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