Private Location (8/13/14): 3 Takes on the Same Clip

This is a good example of how things can sound different on a recording. My group is in the Kid’s Room on the second floor. I must have been hungry, because I asked Debbie and Jim what their favorite foods were. Debbie in turn asks me what my favorite food is.

I say, “Uhh, it depends on how I’m feeling. But hamburgers are my favorite right now.” Right after this, a non-human voice sounds like it’s saying, “F— you,” followed by another voice at the 10 second mark saying what sounds like “southern.”

During a replay of a quick EVP session, we will play a segment of a recording over several times if we think we hear something on the playback. This is a second attempt to catch what the non-human voice is saying at the same moment. However, this time it sounds like the voice is saying, “Tried to turn down.”

These two clips are of the same moment, just replayed several seconds apart. Why is it that the non-human voice appears to be saying something different in the two clips?

Finally, in this clip you’ll hear the same moment slowed down. Now the voice sounds like it’s saying, “Shut your face.”

I have no explanation of why the same moment would sound so different during playbacks and when the clip is slowed down. This will be something I continue to explore as I continue my investigations.

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