Private Location (8/13/14): Could It Be…Carrots?

My group is still in the Kid’s Room on the second floor and I’m still stuck on food. I’ve just asked the spirits to tell us what was the last meal eaten in the house. You’ll hear me say, “Meat or chicken. Potatoes or carrots. What did you eat?”

At the 11 second mark, just before Debbie speaks, it’s possible that a non-human voice is faintly saying “carrots.” Which is interesting because Debbie then says, “I have a feeling he liked carrots.”

My response is, “Ewwh! Really?” (Carrots are one of my least favorite foods.) Debbie then says, “Yeah, for some reason….” I then reply, “Wow, hmmm.”

Note how, if this is a non-human voice speaking before Debbie saying “carrots,” it’s interesting because this is exactly what Debbie says next.

This is even weirder. Because I hate carrots, I wouldn’t think to offer them as an option. But, in this case and at that moment, something inside of me told me to say carrots.

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