Private Location (8/13/14): In the Kid’s Room

These clips were recorded in the Kid’s Room at the top of the stairs on the second floor. This was another very active location in the house.

Clip 1: Here’s another interesting clip and is an example of possible spirits knowing what a human is about to say. In the clip, you’ll hear me ask, “Jim, what about you? What’s your favorite food?” Before Jim can say, “A peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” a male voice says “peanut butter and jelly. (Note: I’ve amplified the possible EVP so that you can hear it better.)

Clip 2: In this 2nd generation recording, you’ll hear Debbie ask, “Can you come in here and maybe play with us?” A non-human voice says, “Not that place.”

Clip 3: This is another 2nd generation recording. Debbie asks, “Do you want us to come back [to visit again]?” At 6 seconds, a non-human voice says something that might be “back.”

Clip 4: This is another interesting clip. Debbie asks the spirits, “Would you like to play jacks?” A male voice immediately says, “Let’s play.” You’ll then hear me say, “Ohhhhh. Or marbles?” Debbie says, “Yeah.” Right after Debbie says this, a different voice can be heard faintly saying, “Play marbles.”

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