Private Location (8/13/14): “Presidential Room”

The “Presidential Room” is located at the front of the house on the first floor, across from the Front Parlor, and was the second location in the house that we investigated. Everyone definitely sensed several disgruntled male spirits who were not pleased that we were in their room.

Clip 1: This is an interesting one and is pretty clear. You’ll hear Pam say, “Alright. Debbie, go ahead, speak yours [her question] now.” Before Debbie replies with, “Not a yes…” there’s a distinctive male, non-human voice that says something. Can you make it out? Whoever/whatever said this definitely sounds relaxed.

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear several of the investigators talk as they get ready to record a quick EVP session. Jim says, “Hold on General [one of the previous owners of the house].” One of us laughs and Jim continues, “Waiting for technology to catch up.” After Jim finishes, a female voice can be clearly heard saying, “Catch up.”

Clip 3: This clip is slowed down. You’ll hear Debbie ask, “What was your favorite thing to do in here?” Can you make out the reply?

Clip 4: In this recording, you’ll hear Jim and Pam say they can hear something on the playback of the EVP session we’ve just finished. A non-human voice adds something to their conversation. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 5: Jim says, “If I’m getting anything [like orbs on his video camera]…” when a male voice says, “Pass.” Jim continues, saying, “…it’s over the desk.” Kind of sounds like the same guy in Clip 1!

Clip 6: Mariah asks, “Uhm, do you guys want to do a quick EVP session here so we can hear you two?” As Mariah says the words “hear you two,” an odd-sounding mechanical voice says, “Later.”

Clip 7: This clip has been slowed down and is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear me say, “located on,” because I was asking the spirits to name the street where the house is located. At the 5 second mark, near the end of the clip, a male voice can faintly be heard saying, “Hamilton.” The street’s name is Hamilton.

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