Month: January 2015

Private Location (1/24/15): A Man in the Dressing Room

This was recorded at the beginning of the second "isolation" period. You'll hear Laura J say, "...see what's going on while she's in there [the other room by herself]." Before Laura J finishes speaking, there is what sounds like a clear and loud male disembodied voice. Keep in mind that on this investigation there were no men; our 2 docents were both women and downstairs in the kitchen at the time. Can you make out what the voice is saying? So who was that man in the dressing room Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Was This One of Us?

This EVP was caught just seconds after the first one I just posted. We're still in the pre-investigation stage, getting our stuff together. Laura J says, "Myself, plus 17 for Alameda Naval Air Museum..." There's a possible EVP at the beginning of the clip, just as she starts to speak and I hear what could possibly be the word, "Passport." Next, you'll hear Laura J say, "It's 18,000 square feet...." At the 4 second mark, I hear a voice say a drawn-out and slightly amazed, "Wow," followed Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): First Possible EVP

I have just started reviewing my recordings of an investigation I participated in on 1/24/15. I am 22 seconds into the first hour of the investigation and have already found a possible EVP. You'll hear someone human ask, "What's the biggest you guys have ever had?" I hear 2 different male voices right after this. Can you make out what the male voices are saying? (Ignore the squeaking noise in the background; that's from me setting up some of my equipment.) I'm pretty sure these Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): Bill’s Jokes in the O2 Room

Bill, our docent, might want to think of a new part-time gig. He loves to tell jokes and the spirits seem to really like them. Take a listen. Clip 1: Bill shares a new joke with us. Why is there only 1 Yogi Bear? Clip 2: Bill's next joke. What did one math book say to the other math book? Clip 3: Bill's on a roll, so he tells one more joke. Mike told a joke but the REM pods didn't go off. Don't quit your day job yet, Mike! But that Bill--he could Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): REM Pod Activity in the 442 Exhibit Room

While I didn't catch many EVPs in the 442 exhibit room, there was quite a lot of REM pod activity happening. Based on what I was experiencing, it certainly seemed like the spirits were using the REM pod to communicate with us. Take a listen to these clips--all REM pod activity--and see what you think. Coincidental? Or intentional? Clip 1: Chris asks, "Do you like the Irish people in this room?" Clip 2: Chris asks, "Is there a spirit who's part Irish in here with us?" Clip Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): Assorted EVPs from Around the Ship

These clips were recorded in different parts of the Hornet, as our group traveled from one location to the next. Clip 1: Take a listen to this one; it's kind of odd. This was before the investigation on the Hornet started and we were standing around talking. You'll hear Chris say, "Maybe our friend will be there." Someone else says, "Why, why do you suppose there?" Listen for the male voice that sounds like it's on top of what the women are saying. I'm pretty sure it's not something a Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): O2 Room

This was our last stop of the night. Clip 1: We've just sung "Happy Birthday" to "you" (instead of using the name of a specific person). I ask, "Can you tell us who 'you' is?" There's an immediate response, although the disembodied voice doesn't say a name. I hear "[something] [something] put it." Can you make out the rest? Clip 2: Chris asks, "Did you like our song [Happy Birthday]?" There's an odd noise at the 3 second mark that didn't come from the humans in the room, followed Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): Admiral’s In-Port Cabin (Part 2)

These are all 2nd generation recordings from our time in the Admiral's in-port cabin. Past experience has shown this location is very active, and it did not disappoint this time. Clip 1: The Ovilus says "Holiday," and Laura J repeats the word so we can all know what the Ovilus said. At the 4 second mark, I can hear an echo-y voice say something. Can you make out the words? Clip 2: Chris asks, "Stephen, are you up here with us?" (Stephen is a spirit that Chris and others have Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): Admiral’s In-Port Cabin (Part 1)

The Admiral's In-port cabin was what he used when the ship was docked (i.e., in port). It contains a big bedroom and another room with a conference table in it. Based on past experiences, this is a very active location. Here are some of the EVPs we heard in this room. Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording. Laura is tagging the location for her recorder. She says, "What room is this again?" Bill and I say, "Admiral's in-port cabin." A disembodied voice adds something. Can you make Read more [...]

USS Hornet (1/16/15): From the 442 Exhibit

The 442 exhibit honors the men who fought in the 442 infantry regiment during WWII. This regiment was made up of mostly Japanese American men who had family members who were interned. The regiment received the most awards for their bravery during war in the history of the US military forces. It has a special place for me, since I'm Japanese American. Clip 1: Laura says, "No, remember? Does she need to go back to work?" A male voice clearly says, "Oh my God." I'm pretty sure that wasn't Read more [...]