USS Hornet (1/16/15): 2nd Generation Clips from the CPO Mess

All of these clips are 2nd generation recordings (my recording of someone else’s recording), taken from one of Laura’s recorders as she played back a quick EVP session for all of us to hear.

Clip 1: In this clip, Laura is tagging the date for her recorder. A non-human voice says something but I can’t quite make out what’s being said. Bill then says, “Susan,” to get her attention. Any ideas on what the non-human voice is saying?

Clip 2: Chris has just felt something touch her, so she asks, “Can you tell me what your name is and what your rank is?” I can hear what sounds like, “We know this lady.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you can hear it. In the background, you can hear a REM pod going off.

Clip 3: There are several possible EVPs in this clip. You’ll hear Susan say something that isn’t very clear. As soon as she finishes, I can hear a voice say slowly, “Kill the afternoon.” I imagine one of the crew said this when a sudden project was assigned to him on what would’ve been an otherwise quiet afternoon. Following this, there are 2 more possible EVPs but I can’t make them out. In the background, you can hear a REM pod going off. Can you make out the words?

Clip 4: Arlene says, “I like to be warm and fuzzy.” A voice says, “I know her.”

Clip 5: In this clip, Laura says, “John, we’re going to you,” as it’s his turn to introduce himself and ask a question. There’s a voice that says something right after her; can you make out what’s said? This is followed by John saying, “My name is John. My question is, are you happy on this ship?” A somewhat loud male voice clearly says, “I am.”

Clip 6: Laura says, “You can just say it out loud,” followed by one of us saying, “Oh,” and Laura saying, “So…” After Laura says, “So…” there’s a disembodied voice that says something like, “simple.”

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