USS Hornet (1/16/15): Admiral’s In-Port Cabin (Part 1)

The Admiral’s In-port cabin was what he used when the ship was docked (i.e., in port). It contains a big bedroom and another room with a conference table in it. Based on past experiences, this is a very active location. Here are some of the EVPs we heard in this room.

Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording. Laura is tagging the location for her recorder. She says, “What room is this again?” Bill and I say, “Admiral’s in-port cabin.” A disembodied voice adds something. Can you make it out?

Clip 2: In this clip, Susan and Chris are talking. Susan says, “Yeah, that’s where Bob’s group was. He told us to come down here.” There is a possible EVP right after Susan says, “He told us….” Next, Chris says, “Wait, who told us?” There’s an interesting response to all this at the end of the clip. I’ve slowed down the clip at the end so you can better make out what someone/something says.

Clip 3: This is a 2nd generation recording. Laura starts off with, “Alright.” Right after this, I hear a possible EVP but can’t make out what’s being said. Next, she says, “We’re starting a quick EVP session.” At the 4 second mark, I hear a male voice saying something like, “Get something from them.”

Clip 4: John asks, “Would it be OK if I came back again?” A disembodied voice replies. Can you make out what’s said?

Clip 5: This is another 2nd generation recording. Mike says, “This is one of my favorite rooms on the ship. Uhm….” Right after this, there’s a disembodied voice. Can you make out what it’s saying?

Clip 6: Time for some REM pod activity! In this clip, Laura asks, “If you like that we have fun, can you set off some of the equipment for us?” Apparently the spirits do! Also note that there was a hit on the K2 meter that was on top of the conference table.

Clip 7: This clip shows Laura J and the spirits communicating via the REM pod.

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