USS Hornet (1/16/15): Admiral’s In-Port Cabin (Part 2)

These are all 2nd generation recordings from our time in the Admiral’s in-port cabin. Past experience has shown this location is very active, and it did not disappoint this time.

Clip 1: The Ovilus says “Holiday,” and Laura J repeats the word so we can all know what the Ovilus said. At the 4 second mark, I can hear an echo-y voice say something. Can you make out the words?

Clip 2: Chris asks, “Stephen, are you up here with us?” (Stephen is a spirit that Chris and others have encountered on the Hornet.) At the 3 second mark, I can hear a somewhat faint reply that sounds a bit echo-y. So was Stephen with us?

Clip 3: Chris is describing a pain she’s feeling in the in-port cabin. She says, “For me, like a stabbing pain inside my….” A woman says one of our names. Can you make out the name? (That’s the REM pod you hear in the background.)

Clip 4: In this clip, you’ll hear Bill laugh and Laura J say, “What’s that, right there?” Right before Laura J speaks, I can hear a disembodied voice call out what sounds like one of our names. Who was being called? (That’s the REM pod in the background again.)

Clip 5: Laura J says, “If you [the spirits] don’t want me to ask a question, can you turn off the light?” That is the REM pod you hear in the background. There is a possible response from a disembodied voice. Can you make out what it says?

Clip 6: Laura J says, “If you leave that piece of equipment off long enough,” followed by, “Thank you.” There’s a disembodied voice in between. I’ve amplified that part of the clip so you can hear it better. What was the spirit’s response?

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